Lights! Camera! Oaxaca!

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Lights! Camera! Oaxaca!

Lights! Camera! Oaxaca!

Heaven on Earth Productions has created two bilingual and multi-cultural Oaxaca-centric shows.

OaxacaLive! Weekly music concerts broadcasting from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oaxaca de Juarez is a city full of art in the south of Mexico with a vibrant and strong tradition of music: classical, jazz, rock, pop, son jarocho, son istmeño, cabaret, gypsy jazz, tambora Oaxaqueño, chamber music, and more. 

In April and May 2020, we reached 23,500 screens in Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa with our first five OaxacaLive! concerts streamed live Saturday nights on Facebook. We started the broadcast for musicians who cannot play live during the COVID crisis. We want it to continue and expand the broadcast and our reach.

Just like the legendary weekly music show, Austin City Limits, we will give the wonderful musicians of Oaxaca an opportunity to play their music and be heard by audiences all around the world. And the show’s hostess will be that wild international champagne-swilling chanteuse Luscious!

We plan to connect with producing partners and TV markets throughout the U.S. and Latin America. We will partner with individuals and businesses for ongoing sponsorship so that we can broadcast weekly and pay the performers a set and fair fee. 

Cooking and Culture with Mario

Mario Rubén Ramírez López is a favorite Oaxacan chef with a difference. He identifies as third gender and expresses his uniqueness freely and beautifully. In this cooking and culture show, Mario will travel throughout the state of Oaxaca which still has strong indigenous roots and ways of living and cooking! He will share with viewers fiestas patronales, curanderas, mole de caderas, and much more.

Mario picks up where Anthony Bourdain left off in an exploration of cooking and culture in this unique state (in more ways than one) in the south of Mexico.