Marmousch: The Other Second Coming

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Marmousch: The Other Second Coming

Marmousch: The Other Second Coming

30-Minute Single Camera Comedy-Drama created by Kikelomo Adedeji and Jake Jensen
Pilot script and show bible available

You can watch the Marmousch Teaser

If VEEP made sexy time with Shameless at the Grand Ole Opry, their love-child would be Marmousch: The Other Second Coming.

Marmousch is an irreverent and searing look at fame, religion, and the price always paid for unbridled ambition. The show is set in Nashville, Tennessee, in the world of televangelists and country music.

When the show opens, narcissistic, take-no-prisoners Christian televangelist Evangeline Marmousch, mid-50s, is about to have her Sunday morning TV show, God Talk, cancelled. On the show that morning, young and hunky retired baseball player and uber-pious “born-again virgin,” Beau Davenport, 34, makes a surprise appearance as the Christian Celebrity Guest. They instantly hate each other.

They sing an impromptu duet of I’ll Fly Away (a favorite of Beau’s recently deceased mama) trying to one up each other. Exiting the stage, Beau bumps into a set piece sprawling to the floor, and all is chaos by the time the two leave the stage snarling at each other. But the public loves the two of them and social media blows up. They become the new faces of CCN (Christian Contemporary Network) and are set to co-host Evangeline’s show which will save both their careers.

Hitching his wagon to Evangeline is the perfect solution, if only he didn’t have to work with her, “That woman is the devil in a skirt!” The feeling is mutual. Evangeline screams at him, “You ain’t nothing but an over-pious p….!” As our two characters collide on the slippy slidey road to evangelical crossover fame and fortune, they both must keep their secrets secret, or the house of cards will topple. Evangelujah!