Luscious! In Love at Last

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Luscious! In Love at Last

Luscious! In Love at Last

A full-length solo cabaret play by Kikelomo Adedeji bound for Broadway
Luscious is very available. And so is the play script

What fabulous things can we say about Luscious that she hasn’t already said herself? In Luscious! In Love at Last that gorgeous glamour-puss of a chanteuse finds herself single again. “I know!” She can’t believe it either but she is nothing if not positive and so she embarks on a journey of self-discovery - kicking, screaming, and singing!

Luscious tells the audience the story of her life and starts where every good story begins – “Once upon a time when I was a rich yet lonely little fat girl growing up in a small, tight-knit community... in Beverly Hills…”

Against all odds, Luscious does indeed grow up and that’s where the fun begins! In this deliciously fun solo cabaret play, Luscious takes us on the wild ride of her love life and it’s a geographical safari of men: a Nigerian in London, a German in San Francisco, a Mexican without papers, a Chicano with the Virgen of Guadalupe tattooed from his glottal notch down to… there.

Luscious is after all a chanteuse and so to help tell her story, she wraps her mouth around the men who never disappoint – George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Brian Wilson – all the greats. Without a politically correct bone in her body, nothing and no one is safe!

 While we all wait for Luscious to get to Broadway, you can experience all her Lusciousness on her web show, Luscious! On Life.

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"Luscious on Life" Minisode 7: "Moonlight"

"Luscious on Life" Minisode 6: "Pets and Guns"

"Luscious on Life" Minisode 5: "Men"

"Luscious on Life" Minisode 4: "Hawaii"

"Luscious on Life" Minisode 3: "Fashion Week"

"Luscious on Life" Minisode 2: "Grass-fed Fur"

"Luscious on Life" Minisode 1: "The Donald"