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4 Corners

4 Corners

An hour-long episodic drama in development created by Kikelomo Adedeji and Jake Jensen
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Four Corners will be an hour-long episodic drama set on the Navajo Nation, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and on the U.S. border at El Paso. The show will explore the complex cultures of this region through four families who live in and around the area.

The Begayes – The father, Joe, is a recent widower and is the Navajo tribal governor in Window Rock. He has three children – a son and a daughter: Joseph, Jr., a very successful gallery owner in Santa Fe and Chooli, a drug rehab counselor and rodeo competitor. 

The Mendozas – Luis and Sara are Mexican nationals who walked across the border. They live in Santa Fe with their twin sons, Joel and Raul, 11 years old, who were born in the U.S. Luis is a handy-man and Sara cleans rooms at an upscale Santa Fe hotel.

The Galváns – They are a very well-to-do Hispanic family whose ancestors came from Spain in the 1590s. The mother, Lucinda, who has been divorced for many years, is a lawyer with three children: Anna, is an Episcopal priest, David is a Border Patrol officer stationed in El Paso, and Veronica, is a successful hotelier in Santa Fe (where Sara Mendoza works).

The Bettlemans - Edith, 84, a long-time Anglo resident of Santa Fe, has dementia. Her single middle-aged daughter, Susan, moves from San Francisco to live with and care for her. Edith’s house is right next to the apartment complex where the Mendozas live.

Like David Simon’s HBO shows, The Wire and Treme, people from different worlds, cultures, and social strata will intersect to show life in this part of the country and the four families will connect and effect each other’s lives.

“Four Corners” represents:

The Four Corners area of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico (the Navajo Nation sits in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and borders Colorado.

The four primary groups that live in this area: Indian/Native American, Anglo/white, Mexican immigrants, and Hispanics

The four families in the show

The four directions: north, south, east, and west

The four elements: earth, wind, fire, and air