Heaven on Earth Productions is the brainchild of Kikélomo Adedeji and Jake Jensen and was started in 2016. We create stories that turn the usual on its head and love characters we don't often see on TV or in the movies: older women, intelligent women, the deaf, Native Americans, a wacky chanteuse looking for love, an uber-pious retired baseball player who’s a born-again virgin, and immigrants, lots of immigrants. That’s what interests us. We're very serious about what we do but think everyone should laugh a lot, too. 

See what we’re creating on our Projects page.

Kikélomo Adedeji

Kiké is an actress, singer, solo performer, cabaret performer, screenwriter, and producer. Kiké's wild creation, that deliriously delightful chanteuse, Luscious, is awaiting her Broadway debut with the solo cabaret play, Luscious! In Love at Last. In addition to Luscious! Kiké has written and performed the solo play, Tolula, which Heaven on Earth is developing into a feature film (see our Projects page). Kiké also works with other solo performers developing both the script and the performance. As a singer, she creates and performs cabaret shows including a The Silly and the Sublime in which she explores the glorious and sometimes surprising songs in movie musicals. Did the Gershwins really write an S and M song? Yes they did. While Kiké waits for Luscious to get her butt on Broadway, she continues to adapt and write teleplays and screenplays for Heaven on Earth.

Jake Jensen

Jake is an actor, musician, screenwriter, and producer. He has a PhD in Sport Psychology and specializes in mindfulness training for athletes, actors, and others. His experiences while attending graduate school in east Tennessee helped fuel the development of Marmousch, set in Nashville, which is about a southern evangelist, a retired uber-pious baseball player, and country music. And the Lord. Jake has many projects in development including one about sport psychologists and can’t wait to play Victor Lemmons in The Race (see our Projects page).