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Cabaret’s Newest, Hottest, Wackiest Duo Arrive January 2020!!!

To enable Luscious to bring great show tunes to life while her Pool Boy sheds his Speedo for a tux, DONATE NOW!

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Sneak Peak Video of Luscious and the Pool Boy

Luscious! and the Pool Boy in Kicking, Screaming, and Singing! is Heaven on Earth Productions’ first production. Luscious is thrilled to be starring with her piano-playing Pool Boy. Now there will be always someone to pour her champagne and fish her out of the pool no matter where she is.

While singing duets and solos, they will kick up their heels to all the greats - Gershwin, Sondheim, Nina Simone, Harold Arlen, Henry Mancini - in English, French, and Italian. Singing on top of the piano or possibly underneath it, you just never know where you will find these two or what to expect.

The deliriously delightful musical fiesta comes to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Francisco in January 2020.